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Media Guidelines

Please keep the following guidelines in mind the day of competition.

  • We will be pleased to provide you with any help or information the day of the tournament. Ask at any information table on the campus or call or text Ryan Balton, regional public relations, at (646) 265-2620.
  • Upon arrival at a competition site, please visit the judges’ table and ask the head judge if s/he has any specific media regulations for that site.
  • During the introduction of each team, the judge will announce if the team gives permission for flash photography or videotaping. Please comply with the team’s request.
  • If you wish to interview a team, please do so after the team’s performance and after the team has cleared the performance site.
  • It’s a good idea to first talk to the team’s coach, if available, to obtain permission to interview or spend time with the team.
  • There are two main components to Odyssey of the Mind: long-term and spontaneous. The teams have prepared their long-term performances over the past few months. They are open to the public and eight minutes in length. In the spontaneous competition, teams must solve a top-secret problem on the spot. Because of the secretive nature of the spontaneous problems, we cannot allow any individual to enter the spontaneous competition rooms. The teams cannot discuss their spontaneous problem after competing.
  • Remember: The students have worked hard for months to prepare for the tournament. This is an important time for them – they are excited, and many of them are nervous, too. We are here to accommodate you in any way that we can. In return, we ask that you please show respect to the teams by letting them “do their thing” without interference.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

Questions? E-mail Ryan Balton at or call (646) 265-2620.

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