wf2012_logoMay 23 – May 26, 2012
Iowa State University – Ames, IA


Problem 1- Ooh-Motional Vehicle

Division I
Dingman-Delaware Ele Sch – State Rank: 2nd, World Finals Rank: 29th of 55 teams

Problem 2- Weird Science

Division II
Shohola Ele Sch – State Rank: 2nd, World Finals Rank: 21st of 63 teams

Problem 3- To Be or Not To Be

Division II
Crestwood Mid Sch – State Rank: 2nd, World Finals Rank: 15th of 58 teams

Problem 5- Odyssey Angels

Division I
Pocono Ele Center – State Rank: 1st, World Finals Rank: 12th of 59 teams
Division III
Delaware Valley HS – State Rank: 5th, World Finals Rank: 16th of 48 teams

Honorable mention to 3rd Place teams at State Finals (April 14 at Pocono Mountain East High School):
Pocono Mountain West HS – Ooh-Motional Vehicle div. III
Pocono Ele Center – Weird Science div. I
Dingman-Delaware MS – Weird Science div. II
Abington Heights HS Tm A – Weird Science div. III
Easton Area MS – Upper – To Be or Not to Be div. II

And congratulations to the Div IV team from Penn State University, which included our own NEPA structure judge and photographer Dustin Balton. The team received 2nd place in Problem 4 – You Make the Call, 1st place in Problem 5 – Odyssey Angels, and the following OMER Award:

The North Naples Middle School team members missed their chance to unload props when one of their teammates fell unconscious in the campus swimming pool and needed to be rushed to the hospital. The Penn State team rescued them by volunteering to help move and lift the heavy props. These “big brothers” adopted the North Naples team by watching its performance and enthusiastically supporting the team throughout the week.

Past long-term problem synopses and World Finals sites

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