2990 West Fourth Street
Williamsport, PA 17701

FROM EAST – Take Route 80 West to Exit 212, get off Route 80 and onto Route 180 West; stay on Route 180 West for about 20 miles through Montoursville and into Williamsport as it runs together with Route 220 South. As you come into Williamsport, Route 180/220 runs together with Route 15 North (Wegman’s Grocery Store on right). The Williamsport exit, Maynard Street, is located immediately after 15 joins 180/220, when Wegmans is on your right. Take the Maynard Street Exit. Come down the ramp; turn right onto Maynard Street. Go straight through two traffic lights to a stop sign at the T-intersection. At the T-intersection, turn left onto West Fourth Street. Follow West Fourth Street for about 2.5 miles until Roosevelt Middle School is on your right, after the middle school; turn right into the high school entrance. Follow the access road to the top of the hill to the high school.

FROM WEST – Take Route 80 East to Lock Haven Exit, get off at Lock Haven exit onto Route 220 North, stay on this road through Avis and Jersey Shore until you come to the Fourth Street Exit, take exit and stay on road (about 2 miles) until you come to sign (on left) – Williamsport Area High School, turn left and go up the hill to the school.

FROM NORTH – Take Route 15 South to the Fourth Street Exit on beltway, get off Fourth Street exit, at bottom of exit take a right onto Fourth Street, stay on Fourth Street through three traffic lights, until you come to sign, Williamsport Area High School, take right at sign and drive up the hill to the school.

FROM SOUTH – Take Route 11/15 North out of Harrisburg, stay on Route 11/15 North across river and up through Selinsgrove, Shamokin Dam, Lewisburg, Allenwood and into South Williamsport. Your will pass Little League Headquarters on your right as you go through South Williamsport. Cross the bridge into Williamsport, stay in the left lane, following signs for Williamsport Business District (you will be getting off Route 15). After crossing the bridge into Williamsport, go straight through the first traffic light to the second light. At this second light, turn left onto West Fourth Street. Follow West Fourth Street through the business district and Millionaire Row for about 4.5 miles. You will see Roosevelt MS on your right, after the parking lot, you will see the signs for WAHS, turn right and follow the access road to the top of the hill.

FROM PHILADELPHIA AREA – take the Northeast Extension, PA Turnpike Route 476, to Route 80 West, take Route 80 West to Exit 212 to Route 180 West, stay on Route 180 West follow directions for West for high school from here.

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