1555 Newton Ransom Blvd
Clarks Summit, PA 18411

On Interstate 81 get off Exit 194 Clarks Summit (old exit 58) (to go North on 11 and West on 6).

You will exit to the right and come to a traffic light. Get in the left lane. Zero your odometer. Go straight on N11 and 6W (also known as State St.) for 1.4 miles.

Look for the Sports Page store on the right corner and a Mobil gas station on the left corner across the street. The road to the left is marked Winola Road. Turn left onto Winola Road. Zero your odometer.

Winola Road turns into N307. You’ll see an Abington Senior Center on your right. Then you’ll see a little lake on the left. Right after you see a sign for Newton pointing left you’ll come to a “Y” in the road. This “Y” will be 2.1 miles from when you turned left on Winola Rd. TURN LEFT. The Newton Ransom street sign is there but usually not pointing exactly right.

After the “Red Barn Village” sign on the right you’ll see the Abingon Heights Middle School on the left. Beyond the white brick school with blue trim you’ll see the white brick sign with blue letters. Turn left here.

Turn right at the first entrance with “Busses Only” sign. You can park and enter the school from this front entrance.

The Cafeteria will be on your right as you enter and the Auditorium will be to the right of the Cafeteria.

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