Given: a shoe box containing the following: Bic pen with Cap, 3 empty Pepsi cans, tennis ball, 12 inch piece of yarn, 6 inch length of masking tape, empty paper towel tube, 2 Band-Aids still in the wrappers, a blindfold.

The problem is for the team to create and use a nonverbal communication system to complete the following tasks in the sequence listed.

  1. A blindfolded team member must remove all the contents of the box and place them on the table.
  2. Take the box to team member located at point X
  3. Return to the table, get Band-Aids and put them on team member located at point Y.
  4. Return to the table, roll the tennis ball to team member located at point Z (this person must stay in position)
  5. Take all remaining objects to point X and place them in the shoe box.

The team has 3 minutes to plan and 4 minutes to perform their solution.

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