World Finals is May 23-26 at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

Click here for a printable schedule of all NEPA teams’ long-term times (.PDF)

Congratulations to all the NEPA teams that competed at State Finals! We are so proud of what you all accomplished this year.

Here are your NEPA World Finalists!

Problem 1 – Triathlon Travels
Div I – 2nd place – Shohola ES
Div II – 2nd place – Delaware Valley 
Div III – 2nd place – Delaware Valley HS

Problem 2 – Emoji, Speak for Yourself
Div II – 1st place – Delaware Valley MS
Div III – 1st place – Delaware Valley HS

Problem 3 – Mockumentary! Seriously?
Div I – 2nd place – Abington Heights MS Team A

Problem 4 – Animal House
Div II – 2nd place – Delaware Valley MS

Problem 5 – A Stellar Hangout
Div I – 2nd place – Dingman-Delaware ES
Div II – 2nd place – Pocono Mountain East Jr HS
Div III – 1st place – Pocono Mountain East HS

Honorable Mention
Problem 4, Div III – Delaware Valley HS, OMER’s Award

Fun fact: The last time we had 10 NEPA teams advance to World Finals was 2005. World Finals was held at the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2005.

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