The Northeast region is excited to welcome the state back once again for the 2013 Pennsylvania State Finals on April 13 at the Pocono Mountain East/Swiftwater Campus! (Click for directions.) The three schools on this campus – Pocono Mountain East HS, Pocono Mountain East Jr. HS, and Swiftwater Intermediate Center – will house all of the festivities.

We’re excited to have OMERs from all across the state come up to our neck of the woods, and equally excited to be working with the Pocono Mountain School District to provide a top-notch tournament site. Every single long-term competition will occur in a gymnasium or auditorium. The hallways are spacious, and all the competition sites are within close proximity.

We’re so excited that we wanted to give you a sneak peak of the competition sites. Especially for those teams that have to travel several hours to get to Swiftwater, PA, we want to be as accommodating as possible as you continue your Odyssey here in the northeast.

You can either scroll through the tour below, or click on a problem/division to jump to photos of a specific competition site.

Problem 1: Pet Project
Div. I – Jr. HS – Aux Gym
Div. II, III – Jr. HS – Main Gym

Problem 2: Email Must Go Through
Div. I – Jr. HS – Aux Gym
Div. II, III – Swiftwater Intermediate – Gym

Problem 3: ARTchitecture: The Musical
Div. I – Jr. HS – Auditorium
Div. II, III – HS – Auditorium

Problem 4: Tumble-Wood
All divisions – HS – Gym

Problem 5: It’s How You Look At It
Div. I – Jr. HS – Auditorium
Div. II, III – Swiftwater Intermediate – Auditorium

HS – First Floor


Overview Map



We start our tour…

outside, at the center of the campus. To the left is Swiftwater Intermediate, straight ahead is the high school, and to the right is the junior high school.

Hint: You can click and drag your mouse to scroll from side to side in any of the panoramas.


First up: Pocono Mountain East High School

The high school will be the home to Problem 4: Tumble-Wood (all three divisions), Problem 3: ARTchitecture (Div. II and III), registration, merchandise sales, spontaneous, and the awards ceremony.

Note: you can click on any still photo to enlarge it.

All divisions of Problem 4: Tumble-Wood and the awards ceremony will take place in the high school main gym.

The divisions will be split up alternating on opposite sides of the gym. There will be seating for at least 350 spectators for the competition.

Prior to the awards ceremony, we will have a slideshow of photos from throughout the day. With the bleachers fully extended, there will be seating for 3,200 people, so please sit in the stands and keep the floor clear!

Unloading for Tumble-Wood will occur at this entrance of the high school. The auditorium and gymnasium are off the same hallway.

Here is part of the spacious prop storage for Tumble-Wood.

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