Thank you to everyone who made State Finals a success at Pocono Mountain East on Saturday. Congratulations to the teams that will represent our state and region at World Finals at Iowa State University in May!

Here they are! Photos from the State Finals competitions! Click here.


Congratulations to the NEPA teams that placed!

Cedar Crest MS - State Champions!

Ooh-Motional Vehicle div. I
Dingman-Delaware ES – 2nd place

Ooh-Motional Vehicle div. III
Pocono Mountain West HS – 3rd place

Weird Science div. I
Pocono Elementary Center – 3rd place

Weird Science div. II
Shohola ES – 2nd place
Dingman-Delaware MS – 3rd place

Weird Science div. III
Abington Heights HS Tm A – 3rd place

To Be or Not To Be div. II
Crestwood MS – 1st place
Easton Area MS – Upper – 3rd place

Odyssey Angels div. I
Pocono Elementary Center – 2nd place

Odyssey Angels div. III
Delaware Valley HS – 2nd place

Read more for the OMERs and Ranatra Fusca Award winners…


OMERs Award Winners – 2012 State Finals

Moon Elementary School – Odyssey Angels div. I

Nominated by another team. This team was observed picking up trash outside with bags. The team did this willingly, without any complaints. They took the initiative to do this, picking up everyone’s trash. Everyone on the team worked diligently to clean up other people’s mess.

Hollidaysburg Area Junior High School Team A – Ooh-Motional Vehicle div. II

Nominated by a long-term judging team. Their vehicle fell apart. Their team sign, which was judged in style wouldn’t turn. Their props spilled all over the floor. These problems were almost a chain reaction started when a small boy passing by pulled a glass ball off the top of the vehicle while they were in staging. The team did their best to fix everything but to no avail. All this didn’t stop them though. The team performed with enthusiasm, and their perseverance with such a positive attitude truly exemplified the spirit of Odyssey of the Mind.

Wellsboro High School – You Make the Call div. III

Nominated by a long-term judging team. This team demonstrated outstanding workmanship and dedication, through the design and construction of their balsa wood structure. The structure required the team to split their strips of wood into flexible pieces. The team then bent, dried and assembled the strips into a beautifully crafted cylinder. This 9-gram structure demonstrates the outside-of-the-box thinking and dedication that exemplifies an outstanding OMER.

Washington School – Odyssey Angels div. I

Nominated by a spontaneous judging team. Although this team did not score the highest, they presented with multiple skits. During the practice portion of their hands-on/verbal problem, they simultaneously created their own Cinderella’s other story. The team worked simultaneously, cooperatively, and patiently with each other to develop a complete short story using every single item on the table that was provided. The team also demonstrated teamwork, physical comedy to supplement the verbal, and excellent body language. During the three minutes of scoring of the performance, they completed a significant portion of their short story; however, one team member struggled with stage fright and time was lost. Nevertheless they demonstrated excellent teamwork, excellent flow of story, and maturity beyond their ages. The judges are still looking forward to the rest of their story.



Ranatra Fusca Winners – advance to World Finals

Pennridge High School – Ooh-Motional Vehicle div. III

This team was nominated for extreme creativity in the design and engineering of the vehicle and the methods used to complete the task. Specifically, the gearing and pivoting of the legs showed exceptional engineering with the use of multiple pivot points and levers. The team merged exceptional engineering with creative artwork and engaging story. The innovative use of mechanical legs to convert rotational motion to linear motion gave the vehicle the appearance of truly walking across the floor. It was obvious to the judges that the team spent a significant amount of time designing, testing and perfecting their walking system and the entire vehicle. In addition their methods of changing and displaying emotions were also creatively designed and well-engineered

Berwick Area HS – You Make the Call div. III

This team showed exceptional creativity in the construction and design of a complex device as their function. From the audience’s point of view, it appeared that the team put in three different objects for input, and then turned a knob and produced three different outputs. The device was actually much more complex on the inside. Input one, which was one pound, caused a lever to release an output and a gauge with a needle to go up. The second input, which was two pounds, released the second output, and the gauge went up again; this time a little higher.  The third input, three pounds, triggered the gauge to go all the way up to max, and close the circuit that triggered a pneumatic device to fire what appeared as water into the air, with a loud bang. From the audience point of view, one did not expect such an awesome effect, which appeared to be just turning a knob was in reality a Rube Goldberg chain reaction. It was simply awesome.

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