Graduating seniors should consider applying to the Karl R. Schneck, Jr. Memorial Scholarship. Entires are due May 15.

NEPA Odyssey of the Mind has been collecting donations for the past few years at the regional tournament to fund the scholarship. Karl Schneck dedicated himself to the Odyssey of the Mind program. As a coach, regional co-director, state problem captain, and world finals official, he embodied the spirit of creativity and positive attitude that drives Odyssey of the Mind.

To reward students who think outside the box while solving problems in Odyssey of the Mind and in everyday life, and to honor Karl’s memory, we have established a scholarship to be awarded each year to one senior from the Northeast Pennsylvania region.

This scholarship will be paid directly to a post secondary institution toward the student’s tuition, room and board, or school required fees. The scholarship is not based on financial need or academic performance. It is designed to allow students to demonstrate those talents, abilities and most of all, the CREATIVITY that Odyssey of the Mind values and cultivates in its participants.

Applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • Has been a member of any team(s) that has participated in regional competitions for three years or more. At least two of those years must have occurred in Northeast Pennsylvania. Application is not restricted to current participants. Documentation of participation is required.
  • Is a high school senior or high school student who will be attending any post-secondary institution for the next academic year. Students who will graduate early and are not returning to high school may still apply for this scholarship.
  • Is continuing his/her education and presents written acceptance from a post-secondary institution for the next academic year.
  • Displays the Spirit of Odyssey of the Mind and submits a letter from a coach or contact person describing that spirit.
  • In the event that the recipient cannot use the scholarship, it will go to a second choice beneficiary.
  • Solves the 2012 Scholarship Problem and is judged to be the most creative solution by the NEPA Board of Directors Scholarship Committee.
  • Submits the completed solution to the committee by the May 15, 2012 deadline. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 15, 2012 on the NEPA website. The solution to the problem may be published on the website.

The 2012 Scholarship Problem:

“Investigating 2012”

The year is 5012. Halley’s Comet no longer visits the earth every 76 years, it crashed into Jupiter long ago. Humans are still the same as they were in 2012, but they are no longer confined to Earth. They now enjoy emigrating to all sorts of fascinating planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond thanks to the creative discoveries of wormhole technology.  Colonies established within the Firefly Solar System are a favorite place for people to settle, since the climate is perfect for human habitation.  At the main University on Mal, the second planet from the center star, the chairman of the history department has organized a trip to study the ancient civilizations on the home planet, Earth. The teams of students are armed with the latest instruments so that they can see for themselves what life on earth was like 3000 years ago.  They step into the wormhole and in a matter of a few hours, they find themselves actually standing on planet Earth.  After setting up camp and establishing all the necessary shelters, the teams begin to dig.

The first discovery is a curious item; it is a round device with numbers at its edge. “Ah ha!” shouts the esteemed Department chairman, “you’ve found a …………”

What have they found?  Your problem is to have the teams dig up 10 items that are common today, but in 5012, scholars have NO IDEA what we use them for. Your job is to create outrageous, but plausible explanations of what the items you select were used for. You may include photos, diagrams, and illustrations with your explanation.  The spirit of this problem is to create plausible yet outrageously wrong explanations of how people in 2012 use the objects you select.  There will be no clarifications for this problem.

Deadline for all entries: May 15

Send electronic submissions to:
(in the subject line, please put Karl R Schneck, Jr. Scholarship)

Or, you can mail the entry to: Susan Breyer, 24 Skinners Lane, Port Jervis, NY 12771



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